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Regional Coordinator’s Letter

Dear M1 Members,

Happy Holidays to you all!

Here I am, Debbie Colombo, your new M1 Regional Coordinator at the Philadelphia Miniature show the first week in November manning the NAME table. Look at the beautiful new banner we have for NAME tables in our region! I have it, and we would really like it out at every show. Drop me a note and let me know when your show is, and I will even send it to you with return postage, be-cause it does need to be returned to me. I also found out we have a wonderful tri-fold board that belongs to our region. (See pictures on page 9.) It is also available to you, but we need a little lead time with that one. It may not be able to be mailed, it may need to travel by car. They are pretty easy to make if you would like to have your own. I went to my local Staples and got one of the cardboard tri-fold boards that I did up, and that is the one I take to shows with me. We also have recently acquired a rotating acrylic stand that locks. This is defi-nitely a no-mailer, but other arrangements can be made.

So, I do have some fun ideas floating around in my head I will start working on after the holi-days. I am thinking of an indoor miniatures only garage sale. I am also thinking of getting an event going where a project can be taught to State Reps and they can take it back and teach to their clubs. I know our region used to do this.

My two biggest goals for Region I are 1) Revitalize it; and 2) Increase Communications. I was surprised to get information on shows I never knew about and most within driving distance. Please remember to let our newsletter editor, Bernadette Shustak, know about these ( There is no charge for advertising at this time, but there may be in the future. I don’t remember who asked me, but the question was brought up as to why we may charge if we no longer snail-mail the newsletters. Well, any funds generated by our region are used to offset costs of the events we are trying to bring about, and I promise, the charges will be more than reasona-ble if we implement them.

There were 12 new NAME sign ups at the Philly show this year, and six of them are from the M1 Region. A warm welcome to: Addison Morgenstern, Wendy McNeil, Emily Handler, Colleen O’Connor, Susan O’Connor, and Den-ise Goettinger.

And congratulations to the winner of our first-time member prize drawing, Khalid Iszard! He won the flower arrangement shown.

Please know I am open to any ideas. Feel free to call or email me with your thoughts and ideas to help our region. In the meantime, start thinking about your next article for the newsletter. I know you are all working on something!

May this holiday season be a joyous one, and your new year healthy and happy.


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The deadline for the next issue is April 1, 2019. Please send me any special events, shows, house parties, happenings, projects, etc. you or your club have been working on, and anything else you would like to share. It would be great to have a tutorial/project in our newsletter if someone has ideas to share. If possible, send articles in an attached Word document, and pictures as jpgs.

Any questions? Just send me an email.



Region M1 Newsletter

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There is room for pictures of club members, projects completed, information about upcoming events, and even lists of Shops, Clubs, and places to see Minis in our Region.

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