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Fall 2017 newsletter

Dear M-1,

Marilyn and I the pleasure of hosting the M-1 region meeting at the National Convention this year in Alexandria, VA. We saw a lot of faces we already knew and some that we had never meet.

We had everyone introduce themselves and tell us their miniature story - What club they were in, what offices they may have held etc. It seems that our usual concern about attracting new members, retaining old members was a common thread.

Some great ideas were shared about where to show our miniatures, libraries during miniature month (October) was a great idea. We have done that in the past, we have also displayed our miniatures at an Art league.

There are also a lot of train displays that are open to the public during the holidays; they might be amenable to adding a few miniature pieces to their display area, or at least some Miniature Magazines or other literature. Please share any other thoughts you might have.

I also attended the Sleepy Hollow Houseparty last week. I must say both shows had wonderful souvenirs, table favors, centerpieces, exhibits, roundtables, Houseparty helpers; and the hospitality rooms were wonderful. In Scranton we also had trick or treating and that was a load of fun. I did have a lot of trouble finding #15.

So let’s say, the conventions are a lot of fun. The camaraderie is wonderful, the shopping is great. A big thanks, you did a wonderful job, to both committees. The time and effort that goes into pulling something of that magnitude off must be acknowledged. Hope you are all rested up after the hard work you put into making both conventions a great success. See you next year.

Michelle Faleshock,

and Marilyn Littleford,

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Deadline for the next issue will be JULY 31st 2018. Please send me any special events happening, projects you or your club have been working on, etc. It would also be great to have atutorial/project in our newsletter if someone has ideas to share!

Best, Amanda


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